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Spot to Dot Enamel Mug



Got (nut) milk? Then put it in this updated retro enamel mug!

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Nothing says old-school more than an enamel mug. Remember the one your grandma had stashed in her cupboard or the one your dad drinks coffee from on his fishing trips? Just like others of its kind, this one is strong and sturdy, suitable for all stove tops from electric to gas to induction, and even camp stoves! And while you'll surely be proud to take ours with you glamping, it will enhance everyday beverages for your children like (almond) milk and hot chocolate or even grown-up choices like tea and coffee. You'll even want a couple on the desk to keep your child's crayons and pencils all in one lovely monochrome spot.


Enamel-coated steel ---- White high-class enamel with strong steel centre, printed with black spots. Resistant against fruit acid and bucking.



Filled to the rim, it will hold about 300 ml of your favourite beverage, but then it might spill, so put in a little less so you don't have a mess. The height of the mug is 8 cm.



Wash with hot, soapy water or in your dishwasher. 100% recyclable. Suitable for all stove tops and camp stoves for heating beverages. The handle may become hot when heated, use caution when handling and preferably a pot holder as well, so as not to burn delicate fingers! As with all enamel pots, may chip if dropped.

Type Enamel mug
Dimension 8 cm high, diameter approx. 9 cm, 300 ml
Composition Enamel-covered steel

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Spot to Dot Enamel Mug

Spot to Dot Enamel Mug


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