Ooh noo, what a story!

The ooh noo story

When talented designers create bedding for their own babies, good things come to life.

Ooh noo was born when one of our designers became a young mother. She wanted the best for her children: bedding that was well designed and made of pure materials that could be washed ad infinitum. Bedding that she could mix and match and use for both her children: a boy and a girl. A bedding that she could bequeath to another family after she no longer had use for it, or just keep it for her grandchildren.

Before long, she found herself designing the bedding with the help of other members of the ooh noo team. Each item was first tested out by her family. The children made their best effort to make as much mess as possible and their mother then washed and tumble dried the bedding without mercy. At the same time, she took careful attention to see what is most comfortable and loved by her children. Only the items that survived these extreme testing conditions made it to the collection.

About the collection

Mix, match and enjoy the variety

Our collection is constantly updated with new and exciting designs and items. Most of them are very exclusive. We only produce a small number of items in each design and colour. Not because we are elitist, but because we are designers who can’t sit still. By the time a series is on sale, we will have already come up with other new and exciting beddings and toys we want to produce and share with you.

Some of the items are even produced on demand. The cute little bunny, for example, takes eight hours to make by hand. As the fuzzy creatures need to be loved, we only make them after receiving an order, and then we send them to their new homes post haste.

About our team

We make every item by hand. Because we love to.

The entire ooh noo collection is designed in the European Union and is also produced here, by hand. What’s more, the team is positively tiny. It consists of a few young designers, painters and artists, a printer, a seamstress and the lady who comes up with these wonderful texts. She also keeps an eye on the online shop – with the help of a programmer. When you purchase an ooh noo bedding, you can be certain it was created the old school way: in a community of people, who create and sell these cute little things because they love to. Hopefully, this shows in everything we do.