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CASHMERE baby blanket - TRUFFLE



Swathe your precious little world in this soft and luxurious blanket.  

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There is perhaps no greater luxury than being wrapped in a comfortable, delicate and warm blanket when one feels safe and secure, protected from the outside world. It’s actually the ultimate cosy indulgence.


This thoughtfully designed baby blanket combines visual reserve and sumptuous luxury. Cashmere is a warm, light and breathable fabric, and as such perfect for our baby blankets always ready to cuddle.

Someone once said that a cashmere piece is a feeling of embrace. And ooh noo cashmere baby blankets might be just perfect to help you out with this.


Available in four colour options – cream, truffle, hazelnut and champagne blush.



75 cm x 90 cm



Pure Cashmere



Cashmere is very delicate, and quality cashmere must be laundered very carefully.

Wash your cashmere at home by hand or on a delicate cycle with cold water.
Make sure to use a gentle soap, and you can even look for detergents designed particularly for cashmere items.
If washing by hand, soak the item in a basin of cold water and then take it out and squeeze out the excess water. Do not wring, as you don’t want to stretch or ruin the shape.
Once the excess water has been removed, lay your item flat to dry. Never hang the item, as this will stretch the fibers.

TypeBaby blanket
Dimension75 cm x 90 cm
CompositionPure Cashmere

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CASHMERE baby blanket - TRUFFLE

CASHMERE baby blanket - TRUFFLE