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Cotton Kids Pyjamas – Black with grey dots

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Our ooh noo Cotton Kids Pyjamas are soft and stylish, available in sizes from 2Y to 14Y. 100% certified GOTS organic cotton. Sleep tight and don't let the bedbugs bite!

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If you can't stay in bed all day, you can still stay all day in your ooh noo Cotton Kids Pyjamas! 

The next best thing to ooh noo bedding is a pair of ooh noo pyjamas, of course. And whether you spell them pyjamas or pajamas, everyone can agree that they are soft AND stylish. In fact, you might have a hard time getting your kids to wear anything else.

But you won't mind, they're GOTS cotton, after all. 

Two-piece set.  100% certified GOTS organic cotton

Available in 7 sizes:

2-3Y (92-89 cm)
4–5Y (104–110 cm)
6–7Y (116–122 cm)
8Y (128 cm)
10Y (140 cm)
12Y (152 cm)
14Y (164 cm)


Machine wash gentle cycle with like colours in cold or warm water. Protect the life of your sleepwear by avoiding harsh chemicals. Line or tumble dry low.

Type2-pc. pyjamas
DimensionSelect from dropdown menu
Composition100% certified GOTS organic cotton


Soft material - my son likes it a lot. And I like dots

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    Cotton Kids Pyjamas – Black with grey dots

    Cotton Kids Pyjamas – Black with grey dots