Buttons toddler duvet cover Expand

Buttons toddler duvet cover

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Pure linen toddler duvet cover with super sweet white chocolate buttons

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100% linen, designed and produced in the EU



This ooh noo toddler duvet cover has been washed and tumble-dried, so that you can start using it immediately.

You will notice that it becomes softer and more pleasant with every wash and tumble-dry. What you will also notice is that it looks best when it is naturally crumpled. We think that this makes it look better, more charming. You can iron this charm out, if you must, but we would rather you didn’t.

The printed design on the duvet cover will start to fade and look less defined with every wash. Don’t fret: this was the look the designer was going for. The more you wash and use it, the better!


NOTE: If you live outside Europe and your bedding is a different size, please send us an email and we can send you our size chart for US, Canadian and other dimensions, including conversions from centimetres to inches.

TypeDuvet cover
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CompositionPure linen


Love this!!

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    Buttons toddler duvet cover

    Buttons toddler duvet cover