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Wooden Walker for babies in White

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Minimalist and partly upcycled Wooden Walker in White. 

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Baby’s first steps are precious, but sometimes babies need a bit of help with their balance. With the Ooh Noo Wooden Walker for babies, first steps can be extra fun. Not just because the walker is sturdy and allows for reliable first steps, the game can also include older siblings, who can be pushed around the house in it.

The Wooden Walker is made of wood and metal and is therefore easy to recycle. However, it is also considerate to the environment on another, even more important way. As the wheels are made of wood, the circular cutting of naturally uneven wood can create a considerable amount of subpar results, which would normally end up as waste. As the Baby Walker’s wheels have a thick rubber lining, this compensates for potentially slightly uneven wheels and prevents waste. What’s more, the same wooden wheels are used on three other Ooh Noo products, however, these require perfectly cut results. The wheels that can’t be used in these cases, are upcycled as wheels on the Baby Walker.

Apart from the fact that it is partly upcycled, the Wooden Walker for babies is also extremely minimalist in design and follows its function to a T.


Wipe any dirt from the walker with a damp cloth.

Recommended age:

12+ months

TypeWooden toy
Dimension43,5 cm x 55 cm x 30 cm
CompositionMetal and wood
CertificatesCE certificate
Safety standardEN 71

Definitely our favorite

I’ve been following the Oohnoo brand for more than a decade. At first I was fascinated by home and decor products but last year has been more baby focused. :) As a new mom I want sustainable, useful and above all functional toys for my daughter that are aesthetic and unique at the same time which Oohnoo definitely delivers. Baby walker was a gift for my daughter who is just learning to take her first steps and I believe it will help her to walk independently very soon. It’s sturdy and stable enough it can’t be tipped over which is also very important from safety point of vew. Not to mention it looks pretty in every corner of the house. Oh, and cats love it as well. :) Highly recommend!

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    Wooden Walker for babies in White

    Wooden Walker for babies in White