I start my day with my trusted morning routine. A part of it is waking up, thinking about how tired I am and whether to press that snooze button, staring at the ceiling for a while and deciding whether to get out of bed.

When I finally manage to crawl out of bed, I wake up my workout helpers. You need to know that morning exercises are essential and can set you up for the day.

First, I do some arm stretching. I raise my arms and arch my back. This eliminates my shoulder tension and neck soreness.

I then do some on-floor stretching, lifting my legs off the floor and spreading my arms wide to get ready for some hugging later on in the day.

Finally, I do some lifting workout with my companion. This is my favourite exercise.

After this energizing workout, I urgently need a ride to the dining room where I indulge in a breakfast of champions. Doughnuts and pancakes are my go-to choice in these days.

A hearty breakfast can usually take you a long way but as far as I’m concerned, it is a good introduction into some tepee meditation.

I cannot imagine these days without spending some time in my hideaway. Although I love my family and love spending time with them, I desperately need to get away from them every so often.

After exploring the unknown territories of my mind, I usually need a casual conversation with one of my family members, but the grown-ups are not allowed to listen. It’s just small talk, mind you (at least that’s what everybody thinks).

When I finish sharing my thoughts and ideas with my roomie, I think of my bunch of fluffy buddies. These days, so they tell me, I need to stay indoors and not hang out with them. I hope this does not last because I miss them dearly.

So I have lunch with my family instead of fooling around with my goofy mates.

My favourite pastime after lunch is hugging (next to siesta, of course). I’m a creature of few words, but I definitely believe in hugs. They can speak a thousand words.

After another eventful day is done and everybody is already asleep, I quietly get into my bed and can’t wait for the morning to come. A morning of new opportunities to pull some new pranks.