Here at ooh noo, we have your child’s development in mind at all stages and want to be there for all the special milestones, from baby and toddler age to preschool and primary school years. From first steps and first words, to learning to read and learning to make friends.

That’s why we are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to bring something to your child’s life that will facilitate their hands, hearts and minds.

eco-friendly play with rattan toys for kids

Let’s start with our Rattan Rattle.

Did you know that rattan is the plant used in the ancient wicker basket-weaving technique dating back all the way to the Egyptians? Remember the story of Baby Moses in the wicker basket floating down the Nile? That basket was made of rattan.

Because of its malleability, weaving rattan into different patterns provides a tactile texture for small hands as they encounter the world. Pleasing textures give them proprioceptive information that tells your child where they are in space. This haptic way of learning does wonders for their brain development. Add to it the auditory stimulation offered by the rattle, and your child has their very first instrument in their hands, which will also stimulate their visual function as they hear the sound and turn their eyes to look at it, bringing a smile to their face and yours.

rattan, a natural and renewable material

Rattan is a fast-growing climbing plant that can be found in the old-growth tropical forests of Southeast Asia. Unlike bamboo, rattan canes are not hollow, and their pliability makes them suitable for use in wicker furniture, baskets and other handicrafts. Their lightweight and warm quality brings an airy, open feeling to any room, adding allure and visual focus to any décor.

a story that resonates

Thanks to rattan’s unique qualities, it’s no surprise that it’s had a comeback in recent years as a popular material for furniture and other household items, especially considering the demand for eco-friendly alternatives to plastic. It is even lauded as a more sustainable option than wood. Its lightweight nature makes it easy to transport – even if it’s only your toddler wishing to scoot himself across the floor on our Rattan Ride-On toy.

Some of us might remember the first time we heard the word was in the 1970s when our mothers (or grandmothers!) brought home their first rattan, placing them as chairs amidst the hanging plants and record-player console in the living room or as inviting chaise longues on the backyard patio.

Yet, rattan’s resurgence in the 1960s and 70s came after another heyday in the late 19th and early 20th century when chairs, dressers, baskets, bedframes, canopies, daybeds and more became all the fashion. Already at that time, they came to signify the mark of craftsmanship, the promise of a moment of relaxation, a combination of precise and dexterous handiwork.

When your child plays with our Rattan Ride-On, its combination of functionality and aesthetics brings a multitude of stories and possibilities … places to go, people to see, and things to explore. What a sense of wonder and freedom!

Mum, I’m off to explore the world for a bit. Please keep my dinner warm in case I’m late for dinner.