In today’s world, we find ourselves surrounded with an abundance of distractions grabbing our attention, so there’s barely any energy or time left to be attentive to our own lives or the lives of our dear ones. But when one thinks of it, our dear ones (our children, our families) are the most precious thing in the world. They are the ones we need to spend time with.

Family is a safe place where one is seen, heard, understood and supported, so setting aside the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connecting with our loved ones is well worth it. For the well-being of everyone. Because when we are together, we talk and listen, we show affection, we teach and learn valuable lessons, we build bonds, and we create memories that contribute to the sense of belonging and unity within the family.

One way of disconnecting from daily stressors and focusing on each other is through play. Families that play together not only stay together, but also strive together, weaving a tapestry of love and enduring bonds. The simple pleasure of playing together creates lasting memories that withstand the test of time.

Because play is linked to positive emotions, joy and laughter, these experiences contribute to a positive family atmosphere and create a buffer against the challenges life may present.

Family play can also become a tradition, something that members look forward to and cherish. After all, traditions provide a sense of continuity and a shared history that strengthens family ties across generations.

Regardless of what games you play or how you play, family play reinforces the importance of spending time as a family.