Whether you’re new to our brand or have been a loyal follower from the start … you may have noticed that we speak design language just as fluently as we speak the languages of babies and toddlers and, of course, oh-so-dreamy soft linen and cotton bedding.

Since 2012, we’ve been collecting design awards for our toys like one collects dolls or vintage trains. Each award not only confirms that we are doing something right but also represents an internal challenge for ourselves to keep evolving, keep exploring and keep pushing the boundaries of design for children.

In this blog post, we’ll share our collection of award-winning toys and explain why they deserve attention and are worth celebrating.

Bath Duckies Make Bathtime Fun and Safe

Our silicon Bath Duckies are our latest award-winning toy, having just received a Red Dot Product Design Award in 2024. With their soft colours, attractive design and easy-to-grasp shape, they are a welcome addition to bathtime. We designed them to avoid the pitfalls of trapped moisture that can cause odours and other unpleasantries, meaning they are safe and long-lasting.

Wooden Baby Walkers Make First Steps More Memorable

A central part of the design of our baby walker is the way we upcycled the wheels to compensate for unevenness and prevent waste. The result is a highly functional, developmental toy that gives older babies a sturdy hand with their first steps. Of course, we had to make it fun enough to be able to push around toys and older siblings, too.

The judges from 3 different design awards loved the “clean lines and pared-back style” of this “minimalist reinterpretation of the traditional building block trolley”. Their appreciation for the resulting toy that is “so simple yet so beautiful” made them all want one, too.

Junior Design Awards – Joint Silver 2021 in the category Best Toy Design 0-2 yrs

IF Design Awards 2022

European Product Design Award in the category Top Design Winner in Children Products/Baby Products

Wooden Teethers with Simple Shapes

Based on repeating circles used to create different creatures, our wooden teethers sparked enthusiasm in the jury for the Red Dot Product Design Award 2021 for both their eye-catching and simple design and their consistently sustainable concept. They also lauded their natural material and environmentally friendly packaging. Babies love their easy-to-grasp shape, soft edges and recognisable creatures – a bear, a monkey and a frog are ready for adventures!

Wooden Grand Prix Racing Cars – A Retro Design Fit for Collectors

Our reinterpretation of the classical toy car is inspired by the monoposto Grand Prix racers of the 1920s and 1930s. Using new materials and injection moulding processes, we created a series of light-running toy race cars that cut an equally good figure both on the play mat and as a collector’s item on the shelf.

In 2018, the jury for the Red Dot Product Design Award applauded them for their “successful combination of a formal language derived from the past and a contemporary choice of materials and production form”.

Timeless and Charming Wooden Toy Pram for Dolls

Our Wooden Toy Pram for Dolls has become an iconic modern interpretation of the traditional doll pram. Its contemporary aesthetics harmoniously fit into the modern living environment. In 2017, the Red Dot Product Design Award Jury praised the use of natural materials and its timeless design, which make the ooh noo toy pram a charming interpretation of a doll pram.

Updated Hobbyhorse: Crocodile on a Stick

Mister Crocodile on a stick is a contemporary hobbyhorse made of solid wood. The form of the crocodile head is friendly and soft. At the same time, it can be used as a blackboard. “Mister Crocodile on a stick” thus becomes a toy encouraging children’s creativity and fantasy.

The Red Dot Product Design Award Jury for 2015 recognised it for being a new interpretation of the classical hobbyhorse that provides variation for children’s rooms.

Reinvented Rocking Horses

Our reinvention of the traditional rocking horse features a compact, attractive design that lends it the appeal of a stuffed animal and turns it into a very safe and comfortable toy. Its thick cushioning with soft, rounded surfaces is constructed so that it is difficult to overturn, providing support and stability. Suitable for children of all ages, the rocking horse is available in various sizes, colours and fabrics.

Our rocking horse impressed the jury for the Red Dot Product Design Award 2012 with its design, which is reduced to the absolute essentials. Also noteworthy is the high quality of the materials used in manufacturing.

Most Importantly, We’re Meeting Our Criteria … and Yours

Natural products, recyclable materials, long-lasting shapes, timeless design … in an age of planned obsolescence, we stand for something different.

That’s why we are always looking for fresh and innovative ways to bring something to your child’s life that will facilitate their hands, hearts and minds. Our toys evoke stories that you’ll tell for generations to come.