We spend a lot of time outdoors in the summer and its a wonderful opportunity to entertain with family and friends. Even the smallest ones love to make a day in the garden a special event. You don’t even need a special occasion, really! Just bake a few spelt-flour chocolate cupcakes, mix up a batch of lavender-lemonade and decorate the garden with a few inspired elements including a fresh-cut bouquet of garden flowers for an entirely memorable afternoon in the shade of the garden.

For our afternoon garden party, we set up the ooh noo Play Tent and filled it with our favourite pillows and blankets and a set of alphabet blocks to keep little hands busy. It’s so lovely to encourage children to be outdoors but at the same time give them natural wooden toys to play with. Nothing is more harmonious. The Play Tent is also large enough for mum and baby and an another kid or two to sit comfortably and play. The window allows extra light and air, while giving baby the benefit of being outdoors yet out of direct sunlight and surprise gusts of wind. Can’t you just hear the birds chirping?