After a winter that seemed to last forever, after long gloomy months of restrictions and lockdowns, we are all looking forward to some sunshine, to some happy colours and to nature coming into bloom all around us.

Is there anyone who doesn’t need a pick-me-up during these tiring and trying times?

As the trees are unfurling their new leaves and turning green, we are also starting to show new colours. Take a walk through a park, meadow or your own garden and you will smell the sweet scent of lilac, feast your eyes on daffodils dressed in yellow and take in the beauty of the tiny white bells of the lilies of the valley.

All these mood-boosting colours are incorporated in our new edition of summery blankets, with which we want to pay homage to the new season and to more pleasant, friendlier times.

Warmer and sunnier days call for longer walks when we take our little ones outside to get some fresh air and to see that nature changes no matter what. And what better way to signal our cheer than with blankets awash with pastels.

Days are slowly getting longer and we will hopefully be spending more time outdoors. Therefore, a light blanket to gently cover our baby as the sun begins to set will always come in handy. Also in summertime.

Soft, gentle, light, refreshing, joyful and vibrant – wouldn’t we all need a thing like that after these harsh times? We are all in for giving our children a sense of security and warmth. As we watch them peacefully cocooned in a blanket, let us hope that we too will be taken over by this sense of calm and serenity.

As we are heading into a new lockdown, let us not forget that nothing in this world is permanent and that this too shall pass.