Tired of the clutter and chaos that seems to come with your child’s room? Try these three tips for simplifying your child’s bedroom and enhancing their world at the same time.

STEP ONE: Start with bedding. Three things are important here: fabric, pattern and design. By choosing natural linen or linen-cotton blend bedding, you are supporting more sustainable production. Not to mention, linen is durable and forgiving and will save you time and energy (no ironing needed!).  When it comes to patterns, choose simple patterns that are eye-catching, yet not overly busy. Unisex patterns that can be mixed and matched, yet still remain cool and calm. By design, ooh noo duvet covers and pillow cases come with hidden zipper closures, making sure that duvet and pillows stay put. That means life is simpler for you, too.

STEP TWO: Say yes to wooden toys. With wood sourced from environmentally-responsible forestry and paints that are non-toxic, you can rest assured that your child will find a fun and educational use for a set of wooden blocks from ooh noo for years to come – from curious baby hands to toddler tower builders to primary school math learners. How many toys can you say that about? (p.s. Did you know that both our Math Blocks and Alphabet Blocks come with their own linen sack for easy clean-up? Another #momwin.)

STEP THREE: Add just a few accents or unique toys that will give your child a chance to role-play and develop his or her imagination in countless ways. Two of our favourites are Mister Crocodile on a Stick, who – though always hungry – is ready to race around the room and have a good time (a great toy for getting kids to be active and for developing motor skills!); and our popular Blackboard Toy Pram is a special toy for boys or girls to practise taking care of their dolls or cuddly crocheted rabbits.

With a little care and coordination of colours, shapes and quality materials, you’ll be able to create a welcoming space for your child, full of possibility and wonder, yet not overburdened with superfluous “things”. Let the items in their world bring them joy and room to run and play. They’ll be happier and so will you.