Why is role play so important for children? When children participate in role play, they are imagining the world of grown-ups and want to re-enact it. From their second year onwards, when they start expressing themselves verbally, role play becomes extremely interesting. It is through this social role enactment that they are able to express their emotions and moods, they are able to mimic the facial expressions of grown-ups and re-enact the conflicts they observe with them. They often choose to portray persons they are fond of.

It is too often that we parents wish to enter our child’s world and take away their imagination; however, we need to be aware that role play is a spontaneous activity by means of which children explore, discover and develop their own skills, as well as gain emotional and social experience. This does not mean that parents should not get involved in their child’s play. Parents can support a child’s play by asking questions about actions (e.g. will you dress the baby?), by presenting an action (showing how to dress the baby), by enriching the actions with words (can you, please, pass me the baby’s cardigan; let’s put on his trousers, etc.) and by showing the child how to finish the play (e.g. by putting the baby in a pram or cot) and put the toys away.

Children need free play in which they can take on the roles of their favourite role models. In order to do so, they also need toys with which they can identify and establish role play in the first place.

We at Ooh Noo have therefore designed adorable soft toys made from natural materials by means of which children can express their emotions and moods. Our girl Sophie, for example, rolls her eyes humorously when she sees something silly or childish, or when children misbehave, while, on the other hand, our lazy doggy helps children express annoyance, indifference and tiredness, and can lull to sleep even the most active of children as they cuddle him.

»When only you & me understand our »girlish talk« …. And you Sophie teach me how to roll my eyes« 🙂

The mint creature” is our new silly chubby buddy who smiles charmingly and observes children at play from the background (aka the “big brother”), waiting for them to get tired of the game and take him into their arms. This fluffy little being becomes one with the child’s happiness and enjoys affectionate cuddles.