The ooh noo toy pram is one of the most popular wooden toys on Instagram and we think we know why. We have yet to meet a toddler who was not immediately drawn to its magic. Its design is based on the outline of a crescent moon, because we believe that playtime is all about fairy-tales and shooting stars.

And that is not all. The toddlers love them, but the design-loving mums adore them. The ooh noo toy pram is designed to make every nursery look pretty. It magically transforms any room into a natural, minimalistic and enchanted childhood space, where little ones feel happy and creative.

Toy prams in their new homes

The toy pram is made of wood, offering its natural touch and soft, warm surfaces. It quickly becomes the safe haven for plush toys, dolls of all shapes and sizes and other little treasures that need to accompany the toddler around the house. With its minimalist design it leaves enough space for creativity, storytelling and role play, which are all so very important in the first years of a child’s life. The blackboard version of the toy pram even more so, as it offers a lot of space for creative expression on the sides of the pram.