The birth of the first tooth is a major milestone in your baby’s development. Baby teeth play an important role in your baby being able to bite, chew and speak. And how cute it is to see your baby smile with those white and shiny pearls!

Sometimes the first milk teeth appear without parents noticing any signs of discomfort while for others this may be quite a painful experience. Some parents say that during teething their otherwise calm babies become restless, while others barely notice anything.

Teething can thus be experienced very differently. It can bring many a restless night, plenty of tears, loss of appetite, irritability, sensitive gums and drooling. But do not fret – many babies do not exhibit any discomfort at all.

If it does happen that your baby is one of those that experience pain, you can relieve it by gently massaging their gums with your finger, giving them a wet and cold washcloth to chew on or giving them a teether, applying light pressure to their sore gums and thus easing the pain.

As your baby is growing and developing, they will start showing more and more interest in the world around them. Putting things in their mouth is a natural way of exploring their surroundings through their senses – seeing, touching, hearing, smelling and tasting. As they learn to reach for things, they are gradually able to grasp them and bring them to their mouth.

Teethers are thus ideal toys for a developing baby – not only do they bring relief to sensitive gums, but they also help keep your baby entertained and busy.

Photos by courtesy of @ingvild90.

Having a frog, monkey or bear by your side when you need a comforting buddy that you can chew on makes a big difference. By lucky coincidence, you can also make up a story featuring these creatures as the main characters. How about that!