GUEST POST! We’re happy to share our blog space with an early childhood educator who also loves our brand, often for reasons we forget about sometimes. Meet Tamara Gale Besinsky. Read on to find out her take on why our Alphabet Blocks offer children a wealth of new experiences.


Summer has officially ended and children are back to school, kindergarten, preschool, nursery school … The new school year has already inserted its place in our lives!

We all loved summer free play activities with our children, so why not also enjoy them during the school year?  Did you know that children learn the most while using their own creativity and trying their best without the correction of adults?

One of the things that I appreciate about ooh noo is how they aim to support creativity through the design of their toys. It’s especially noticeable in the toys where children get to explore and use their logic, too. For example, the ooh noo Alphabet Blocks support the discovery of letters in a fun and educational way. By using their imagination, children can become small writers, poets, storytellers … all skills that will help them later on.

Boy and blocks
Alphabet Blocks and Boy
A-B-C blocks

… now I know my A-B-Cs, next time won’t you sing with me?!



When we return back home from our daily routines, it’s an important opportunity for children to return to the safe, cosy and relaxed world of home. In these moments outside of school, they have a big need for free play. Play not only makes children happy, by allowing them to let off steam, but it also develops their concentration, eye-hand-coordination and motor skills.

I simply love watching all kinds of children, big or small from all over the world, playing with ooh noo Alphabet Blocks and creating various ideas. If you have more than one child, you can even by two sets of blocks and they can have a friendly competition to see who can build the highest tower. It doesn’t really matter who wins, half the fun is knocking them down and starting all over again!

Girl building a block tower
Little girl building a tower


Indeed, weekends give us lots of time at home with our children, family time, play time. Sometimes after a weekend of fun, when Monday comes, we can find ourselves resistant to heading back into routines. But routines are a necessary part of life! Kids especially need them to feel secure. I’m always aware at preschool that the children whose parents bring them with a smile on their faces on Monday somehow seem to make the transition back to the weekday routine. It’s as if their positive attitude rubs off on their little ones. Wouldn’t it be great to wake up every Monday with an excited, happy feeling and be able to keep it the whole week? You never know, maybe Monday will even become your favourite day of the week!

Blocks with Monday


I’d like to wish all the children and their parents a playful, inspiring and creative school year! I look forward to sharing more stories with you from the world of early childhood education in future posts.