Nowadays we, parents, worry if our child will be able to write, read and do basic calculations before he enters the school. However, we tend to forget about old, simple and carefree games which strengthen cognitive abilities and enable children to further develop concentration and focus.

Memory Game is a simple, well-known game which offers more than short-term memory training, since it also develops child’s social skills. It offers fun, releasing emotions like losing, winning and adapting to everyday situations, like learning to wait until it’s your turn.

It is proven that memory which a child develops through play affects later memorization. Memory Game develops two types of memory: sensory memory and short-term memory. The former lasts only few bits of a second meaning that a child looks at the picture and memorizes it. The latter includes small capabilities which enable the recall of the picture seen previously. Short-term memory which a child acquires in the first years of his life later affects the abilities of his working memory that are used at school for recalling memories, impressions and for saving new information.

It is interesting that the right brain hemisphere develops first, that is up to a child’s 3rd or 4th year of age. The key role for its development have simple cognitive games, art, imagination, learning empathy and creativity. Therefore it is very important for a child to be introduced with the simplicity and the world through games. Only later he will place the knowledge in the “logical drawer”. The left brain hemisphere responsible for speech, writing, reading, logics and maths develops up to a child’s 7th year of age.

Our children are our teachers who on the basis of the right brain hemisphere show us how important fun, enjoying life and relaxed living are. They also teach us the importance of sharing emotions and being present at the moment. Let’s not forget about these gifts of life!

Simple, monochromatic and aesthetic Memory Game from Ooh noo line emphasizes orderliness that helps a child to maintain order in his mentality. This simple game with cute cards releases positive emotions and entertains the whole family at the same time.