My mum is my world. I share everything with her. A full night’s sleep or sleepless nights, feeding, playing, nursing, crying, laughing, admiring, fear and joy, ups and downs etc. But most of all, we share endless love.

When a woman sees her newborn for the first time the world stops for her. Tiny hands and fingers, the cute little nose, gentle skin and the enticing scent the baby radiates is a priceless treasure that we hold in our arms.

A newborn baby’s world is very big, loud and cold at first. They can only be comforted by their mother whom they recognize by her scent and voice. They are also able to recognize their father’s voice. But most of all, it is the mother’s heartbeat that calms the baby down when she takes the baby into her arms. These are the sounds that the baby heard in the womb. The mother’s arms are an opportunity for the baby to obtain knowledge about him or herself, as well as trust in the world surrounding them. This bond with the mother enables the baby to be secure and experience this joie de vivre.

Early positive experiences give the child a sense that the environment they were born into is a place they can trust. The child will thus not be afraid of being separated from their mother, but will rather feel safe in the outside world. Moreover, a mother’s bond with her child gives her a sense of what was once inside her will not be lost; it helps her form a special relationship with her child, enabling her to let the child go.

The time that a mother and her newborn baby spend together is full of emotions. There are so many precious moments between them. When a mother nurses her child and feeds them; when she gives them a massage; when they observe each other and smile at their reflection in the mirror together; when a mother listens to her baby’s heartbeat or when a baby explores the mother’s face; when a mother caresses her child and sings songs to them.

A father’s role in the period of symbiosis – the first 6 – 8 weeks after the birth – is very important. He is the protector of the mother and the child; his support is essential to the mother. It is also important that he understands and respects the baby’s internal clock. A father’s presence can enrich a child’s world in the field of senses and through rejoicing at their progress. When a man becomes a father he is usually filled with the feeling of responsibility and emotional involvement. This may be the first time we see our partner cry. Priceless.

“The mother is the soil that accepts and nurtures the child. The father is the sun that makes him bloom.” (dr. Alfred Tomatis)

Of course we have not forgotten about a baby’s inconsolable crying and sleepless nights that drain the mother and bring her to the verge of tears because she feels so powerless. However, it is usually in the most chaotic of moments that a mother realizes she possesses a strength that she had not been aware of before she became a mother. All of a sudden, she is able to forget about the sleepless night and spend the day like every other. And here lies the charm of a resolute mother who can move mountains when looking after her child – just like every other female for her offspring.

The relationship between a mother and her child is unique from the very start, and lays down the foundation for both of their lives. Be positive, humorous, laugh a lot, be empathetic and teach your child how to be empathetic. This is how you will help your child become a kind, compassionate and caring person. The time when you are simply together with your child is the most precious time that you will miss the most when they grow up.