In my previous blog post, I wrote about my view on bedding and the role it plays in the character of a room. If there are plenty of decorative items in the room, we can offset them with minimalist or plain bedding. If the colour of the room is cooler, we may need to add in some warm tones for balance.

Bedding is the accessory that changes the feel of a room and one you can easily swap and update as your child gets older.

What other tricks can we use to imbue character into the room?

Compare the photos below.

First, we experimented with different colours and patterns of the bedding. It is evident from the photos how the feel of the nursery changes. Since the wallpaper is very subtle and light, we decided for a more neutral colour palette. In the first photo, we added a stripy blanket which contrasts the overall mild tones of the room. The bold leopard print of the blanket in the third photo amps up the room.

Another way of adding personality and injecting fun into a kid’s room is by wallpapering a feature wall and combining it with otherwise neutral walls. You can opt for different patterns and colours. The best thing about wallpapers is that they are not too costly; they come in various designs and can be easily updated or removed.

If you prefer to keep your walls neutral, you can always make a statement with a piece of art, mural, wall sticker or a poster.

Sometimes it suffices if we simply rearrange the toys and décor and thus create a completely different setting.

Adding a touch of black in every room for interest and contrast is also something you can play with.

Variety makes our world so much brighter and interesting.

We used @thekidsinteriorsstore wallpaper and @mrsmighetto posters.