Many parents write to us asking about where to find a suitable bed for their toddler or child. As parents ourselves, we ask the same question. When we look for beds and other furniture, we also look for something with the same design philosophy we put into our own products: minimalist quality design that is memorable and inventive yet functional and made to outlast trends as well as sustainably made, ethically produced and safe for children.

That’s why we were thrilled to discover LumoKids. We already loved seeing our own sustainably-made, minimalist-design, ethically-produced linen and cotton bedding and wooden toys alongside their eye-catching toddler beds, canopy beds and bunk beds in various children’s rooms on Instagram, but when we read up on their philosophy, we knew that their beds and our bedding, toys and PJs are truly a match made in heaven.


Just like the beds from LumoKids, our wooden Alphabet Blocks and Math Blocks are made from untreated, responsibly-forested, locally-sourced wood. And what’s more, the paint is entirely non-toxic, so they’re safe through and through. Best of all, no matter how old you are, they’re great to hold in your hands, which means you(r child) will want to play with them even longer to make more words, more equations, more emoji messages and more towers to knock down again and again.


We know that parents have to contend with a long list of requirements when it comes to outfitting their children’s rooms with furniture and toys. Parents are often short on space and time, while kids are big on imagination and a need to play. That’s where minimalist design and well-crafted, timeless pieces come to the rescue to help create spaces in which childhood memories can be created. Investing in quality toys and accessories pay off in the long run, by becoming the elements that grow up with your child, the ones he or she returns to again and again for comfort and a sense of home.

These adorable photos featured here by @coteriekids show that it doesn’t take much to create a space where countless adventures are close at hand, not to mention many nights of perfect sleep, especially in our Buttons 100% Linen Bedding and speckled GOTS-certified Pyjamas. Top-notch design for top-bunk sweet dreams!