Do you know that wooden toys were the most accessible toys in the past since they were easy to make at home?

After WW2, wooden toys were almost entirely replaced by plastic, simple, cheap toys that lost their quality and didactic value.

In the past, the production was focused on fast-growing, massive and attractive plastic toys that have devalued child’s interest and negatively affected the environment and health. Many plastic toys contain toxic materials that can cause brain damage and learning difficulties.

Educational wooden toys are an important learning tool for child’s development. Many of them shape critical thinking and develop motor skills. Wooden toys are safe, they encourage child’s imagination and are a great investment as they are durable and can last for generations. What is more, wooden toys do not contain toxic materials, which is extremely important for babies who tend to put everything into their mouths. Wood is a natural material that is not harmful and is nice to touch. It gives off warmth, in contrast with plastic or metal that are cold and hard.

Wooden toys are ordinary toys that encourage imagination and the development of child’s own ideas. Usually you don’t need batteries, electricity nor software to use them. When playing with them, a child is calm, deliberate and creative. Electric toys can lead to sensory overload for children as well as for adults. Who else knows better than we, parents, that loud and squeaky toys are simply too much stress when we need some peace at home? 😊

If used properly, wooden toys can last forever. Durability is one of their main advantages. If you owned a wooden toy in your childhood, your child most probably plays with it now. With time, such toys also gain sentimental value that parents and grandparents want to share with their youngest ones.

At Ooh noo, we design wooden toys with care and consideration. Therefore, we believe they are toys of future, since they promote child’s activity without too many extra stimuli that hinder his or her imagination. Our design makes our toys simple, attractive, durable and safe.

Care for the environment is one of the essential components of our work. Environmental impact is an important category when assessing appropriate toys on the market. In case you discard a wooden toy, it biodegrades, thus you take care for a cleaner environment for you and your child.