Colours can drastically change the feel and look of your home. They are a powerful tool of expression that directly affects the way we feel and behave. Therefore, we should be careful not to go overboard with them.

Subtle tones, for example, imbue a room with warmth and cosiness; pink is the colour of warmth and well-being; one that is associated with compassion and nurturing.

In addition to colours, textures are also something we need to pay attention to. They too have an impact on our mood and on the aesthetics of a room, especially a combination of different textures.

When we layer materials, we can create the feeling of depth and add a visual effect.

Moreover, there is another aspect of texture that should not be neglected.  A baby’s first experience with the surrounding environment occurs through touch. Touch is one of the key senses and tactile learning is important for a child’s growth and development.

Therefore, a tactile blanket will encourage your baby to explore their environment, reach out for things, grab them and learn about the shape of the world around them.

Mixing and matching different bedding can amp up your room, injecting into it more fun. When designing our bedding collections, we always make sure different pieces will mix and match together to create plenty of different options.

You can start with a neutral foundation and then build on it.

You can combine colours with like temperatures – pair warm neutral colours together (beige and brown, for example).

You can go monochrome, but use different tones (pale and vivid pink), or decide for complementary colours.

Our range of ooh noo blankets, muslins and bedding enables you to create your own unique combinations and add some interest to your home.