The modern life is full of noises and images that overwhelm our senses. In a constant hurry, we keep forgetting to interact with our environment, to interact with nature and immerse ourselves in it.

There are countless studies that show that walking slowly and consciously through the woods reduces our stress and improves our health. It gives our mind an opportunity to get carried away.

Nature heals us and soothes us. So do the trees that have been here for millions of years and are crucial to our existence. How humbled we are by their might. They provide us with oxygen to breathe, shade to rest in and place of comfort and solace. They also provide habitats for a number of plants and other living creatures. Last but not least, they provide us with wood to burn and wood to build.

Wood is a natural and one of the most versatile of materials. Hands of a skilful woodworker can transform every piece of wood into a thing of beauty. However, every piece of wood has its own distinctive characteristics that make the process so appealing and rewarding. No two pieces of wood or wooden products are ever the same. But the things they have in common are the warmth they radiate, the pleasant sensation when we touch them, the fragrant smell that takes us back to those carefree moments in the woods when we took a deep breath of fresh air, put our hands on a tree and felt the all-encompassing feeling of oneness with nature.

By using wood for our toys, we would love to bring this sensation to your home. Moreover, wooden toys tend to be more aesthetically pleasing and timeless, possibly making them a piece of family heirloom.