We have come to realize (if we hadn’t known that before) how much we enjoy getting together, having a drink, sharing our thoughts and feelings. If this is accompanied with good food and a cosy ambience, so much the better.

Spontaneous evenings when the tasks and obligations of the following day instantly become irrelevant are the best. Your garden table can become the heart and soul of your party – a place around which your friends will gather and share with you their love and passion for life, good food and drink.

And because no one likes being in the kitchen while others are having fun, al fresco dining is perfect for some meat and cheese sliders, chips, dips, salads, different types of platters and finger food – meals that don’t take days to prepare, but are still tasty and enjoyable.

All delectable meals that you prepare will become even more mouth-watering when presented in stylish serve ware.

Putting plates of different shapes, sizes and patterns on the table can amp up your al fresco experience. Stylish glassware, designer napkins and beautiful plates will give your table an instant lift and make it more beautiful.

Outdoor dining is often associated with paper and plastic, but we see no reason why al fresco entertainment cannot be done with nature-friendly gear, which does not only contribute to better looks, but also to greater sustainability.

And when the temperatures drop in the evening, you can offer your guests some blankets to make them more comfortable and cosy.


Enjoy the summer evenings while they last and create some warm memories thereof.