Sometimes when I get up on the weekend, I can get overwhelmed by all the things that need to be done during these precious two days off. So many people to see, host a party, get the groceries, help the kids with homework and let’s not forget the ever-present gigantic pile of laundry.

So instead of getting overwhelmed, I have decided that this weekend I am going to do only the things that spark joy. Say what you will about the latest Marie Kondo craze, I am with her on the joy part. I am guilty of hoarding people and chores into my diary and most of them on the weekends. These lovely two days when I was supposed to rest and relax turn into a crazy race of how much can be done and how many things can be ticked off the to do list in the shortest time. Come Monday, I am ready for a day off.

So instead of doing it my way, which is apparently making me miserable, I am doing this weekend Konmari style! I am only doing the things that spark joy in my life. Just a little bit of laundry? Yes, this sounds joyful. I’ll leave the rest for another time. A little lounging on the couch with the family? Joy abounds!

And to start off this week’s “selection of joyful events” (that’s my new name for the weekend – pretty witty, don’t you think?), I am going full-on with a lovely slow breakfast. Everyone gets a bowl of delicious healthy food, we are sitting down around our table and we are spreading joy from the first moment.

I think it doesn’t take much to change the weekends from chasing our own tails to a happy and refreshing two days. All it takes is weeding out the stuff that makes us miserable and only keeping the things that spark joy.